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Special Skills & Training

Overall:  Automotive Engineering, Electronics & Systems

Focus:  Components through Systems

Education:  B.S. through Ph.D. Electrical Engineering & Materials Science

Forty Eight years Automotive Industry

Litigation Experience:

Both Defendants (70%) & Plaintiffs (30%)

IPRs, PGRs, and District Court

    22 expert cases, seven fact-based cases

    10  Cases w/one or more IPRs/PGRs

     26 different law firms

     Dozens of reports & declarations written

     10 Depositions/Testimony

More Background


Traditional Consulting & Expert Witness

Concurrently, 80% Expert Witness/ 20% traditional automotive consulting

Refer to www.wilhelmassoc.com for info re:  traditional 


Experience: Automotive Industry

Vehicle Manufacturers

Small to Large Electronic Suppliers

Design Experience & Product Leadership

Infotainment to Active Safety Systems

Three US Patents granted; used by General Motors

Experience: Expert Witness Litigation

Mix:  Defendants & Plaintiffs


 and District Court

Declarations, Reports, Testimony, Depositions

Direct Work Product in Litigation

Expert Witness Declarations/Reports

Claim Construction

Testimony, Markman Hearing


Prior Art Searches

Additional Detail of Direct Experience


o Instrument Clusters 

o Automotive primary and secondary displays; flat panel displays 

o Center Stack Displays and subassemblies

 o Human Factor Design and guidelines 

o Automotive User Interfaces, wired and wireless communication to handheld devices 

o Automotive sensors & transducers; electro-mechanical systems 

o Vehicle Telematics 

o Infotainment systems, head units, navigation & GPS Systems 

o Software architecture and microprocessors 

o On-board & Off-Board diagnostics and prognostics 

o Complex safety systems 

o Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) leading to Autonomous Vehicles 

o Automotive Cameras & multi-camera vision systems 

o Closed loop feedback control  systems with appropriate sensors, actuators, & algorithms

o Automotive application of remote & wireless control devices

o Engine Control w/appropriate inputs, outputs, and software  

Representative Cases (Page 1 of 3)


Client: Kutak Rock LLP (representing plaintiff Arctic Cat, Inc.)

  • Case: Arctic Cat Inc v Polaris ( IPR2016-01388, IPR2016-01713)
  • Topic:  Electrical componentry & modules
  • Role:  Non-infringement expert, IPR declarations, deposition

Clients: Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer LLP & Janik Vinnakota LLP (representing defendant Nissan NA)

  • Case:  Blitzsafe Texas, LLC v Nissan North America, Inc. ((2:15-CV-1274-JRG-RSP)
  • Topic:  Vehicle audio, infotainment, streaming audio
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, non-infringement expert, reports

Client: Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto (representing defendant LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Inc.

  • Case:  Root Four Imagination, Inc. et al v LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Inc. (1:16-cv-01349-PAE)
  • Topic:  Telematics devices, features & OBD2 Technology
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, non-infringement expert

Clients: Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC & Howison & Arnott, LLP (rep plaintiff Johnson Safety, Inc.)

  • Case:  Johnson Safety, Inc. v VOXX International Corporation (IPR2016-01070, IPR2016-01074)
  • Topic: Vehicle display device, rear seat entertainment, wireless transmission of audio
  • Role:  invalidity expert, IPR declarations

Client: Finnegan LLP (representing plaintiffs UUSI, LLC & Oldnar Corp)

  • Case:  UUSI, LLC and Oldnar Corp. v The United States & AM General, LLC (12-216 C)
  • Topic:  Engine Control, glow plugs, multiple sensors, actuators, control electronics
  • Role: Invalidity expert, report supporting indefiniteness, claim construction & Markman Hearing, deposition

Clients: Hogan Lovells LLC & Venable LLP (representing defendants Mercedes-Benz USA & FCA US LLC)

  • Case:  Velocity Patent LLC v Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC and FCA US LLC (1:13-cv-08413, 1:13-cv-08419)
  • Topic:  optimization of vehicle operation, engine control, multiple sensors, actuators, control electronics
  • Role:  invalidity expert, reports & deposition in support of claim construction & motion for Summary Judgment

Representative Cases (Page 2 of 3)


Client: Fish & Richardson P.C. (representing defendant Koito Manufacturing, Co. Ltd.)

  • Case:  Adaptive Headlamp Technologies, Inc. v Koito Manufacturing Co. Ltd.  (IPR2016-00079)
  • Topic:  closed loop feedback control, automotive electronic systems, various sensors, data processing, & actuators
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, IPR declaration

Client: Venable LLP (representing defendant Fiat Chrysler America (FCA) US LLC)

  • Case:  Joao Control & Monitoring Systems, LLC v FCA US LLC (4:13-cv-13957-MAG)
  • Topic:  infotainment systems, telematics systems, remote & wireless devices, communication protocols, satellite audio, BlueTooth
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, non-infringement expert, declarations and deposition in support of summary judgement

Client: Bryan Cave LLP (representing defendant Laird Technologies, Inc.)

  • Case:  M/A-COM Technologies Solutions Holdings, Inc. v Laird Technologies, Inc. (14-181-LPS)
  • Topic:  Electronic design of critical GPS electronic subsubsystem for automotive infotainment  & telematics systems
  • Role:  invalidity expert, Expert report and deposition.  Testimony during Markman Hearing.

Clients: Osha Liang LLP & Kirkland & Ellis LLP (representing defendant Valeo, Inc.)

  • Case:  Magna Electronics Inc. v Valeo, Inc. (IPR2015-00250, IPR2015-00251, IPR2015-00252, IPR2015-00253, IPR2015-01410, IPR2015-01413, IPR2015-01414, IPR2015-01415)
  • Topic:  Automotive cameras, multi-camera vision, reconfigurable displays
  • Role:  invalidity expert, analysis of prior art, multiple declarations in support of IPR filings

Client: Erise IP, P.A. (representing defendant Ford Motor Company)

  • Case:  Vehicle Interface Technologies, LLC v Ford Motor Company (1:12-cv-01284-RGA)
  • Topic:  Automotive user interface issues, touch/appearance/ lighting/control (TALC) technologies
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, non-infringement expert, expert reports and depositions, support for Summary Judgment

Clients: Erise IP, P.A., Finnegan LLP, Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Jenner & Block LLP

  • Law Firms representing defendants:  Ford Motor Company, American Honda Motor, Co. Inc., BMW of NA LLC, & Nissan NA Inc.
  • Cases:  Vehicle Operation Technologies, LLC v Ford Motor, American Honda, BMW NA, and Nissan NA (IPR2014-00594, IPR2014-00600, IPR2014-00601, IPR2014-00602, IPR2014-00603)
  • Topic:  automotive sensors and instrumentation
  • Role:  invalidity expert, declarations in support of 5 IPR petitions, Depositions.

Representative Cases (Page 3 of 3)


Client: Kenyon & Kenyon LLP (representing defendant Toyota Motor Corp.)

  • Case:  American Vehicular Sciences LLC v Toyota Motor Corp. (IPR2013-00414, IPR2013-00415, IPR2013-00417)
  • Topic:  Vehicle telematics, automotive sensors, on-board & off-board diagnostics, prognostics, displays and instrumentation
  • Role:  invalidity expert, declarations in support of 3 IPRs, Deposition.

Client: Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP (representing defendant Porsche Cars North America, Inc.)

  • Case:  Vehicle Interface Technologies, LLC v Porsche Cars North America (IPR2014-00014)
  • Topic:  automotive user interface issues , touch/appearance/lighting/control (TALC) techologies
  • Role:  invalidity expert, declaration in support of IPR petition

Client: Brooks Kushman P.C. (representing plaintiff OnStar, Corp., subsidiary of General Motors)

  • Case:  OnStar Corp. v Micral, Inc et al. (1:08-cv-02047)
  • Topic:  automotive telematics features and functions
  • Role:  invalidity expert, expert report.

Client: Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, PLLC and Patterson IP Law (representing Wirtgen America)

  • Case:  Wirtgen America, Inc. v Caterpillar, Inc. (IPR2018-01091)
  • Topic:  Vehicular Control Systems as used a Road Milling Machine
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, declarations in support of IPR, Deposition

Client: Patterson Intellectual Property Law (representing Procon Analytics, LLC)

  • Case:  Procon Analytics, LLC v Spireon, Inc. (PGR2019-00051)
  • Topic:  Vehicular Telematics Functionality and Systems
  • Role:  Invalidity expert, declaration in support of Post Grant Review

Law Firms Supported


  • Alston & Bird (Andrew J. Tuck)
  • Barnes & Thornburg (T. Joseph Wendt)
  • Brooks Kushman P.C.  (Matt Jakubowski)
  • Bryan Cave LLP  (Daniel Crowe)
  • Erise IP, P.A.  (Jason Mudd)
  • Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP  (Lionel Lavenue, Susan Tully, R. Benjamin Cassady)
  • Fish & Richardson P.C.  (Michael Autuoro)
  • Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper, & Scinto  (John Kirkland)
  • Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer LLP  (Jeff Patterson)
  • Haug Partners LLP  (Chris Gosselin)
  • Hogan Lovells LLC  (Joseph Raffetto)
  • Howison & Arnott LLP  (Greg Howison)
  • Janik Vinnakota LLP  (Kumar Vinnakota, Sean Hsu)
  • Jenner & Block LLP  (Chad Ray)
  • Kenyon & Kenyon LLP  (John Flock)
  • Kirkland & Ellis LLP  (Michael Liu)
  • Kutak Rock LLP  (Jason Jackson)
  • Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, LLP (Michael R. Casey)
  • Osha Liang LLP  (Tammy Terry Dunn)
  • Patterson Intellectual Law Group (Montle, Ogden) 
  • Prebeg, Faucett & Abbott PLLC  (Matthew Compton)
  • Stanley Law Group  (Martin Woodward)
  • Steptoe & Johnson LLP (Steph Roberts)
  • Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein, & Fox, PLLC (Rich Coller)
  • Susman Godfrey LLP  (Eric Mayer)
  • Venable  (Jeff Kaminsk)

Curriculum Vitae

For more detail on our direct automotive systems experience and our expert witness background, please download our CV.

CV Ralph V Wilhelm May 31 2020 (pdf)


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